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About us

We only have two products, but we give them more care. We know it the least detail and we are constantly working to improve it. Since 1968 we have been producing technological equipment for poultry breeding. We provide not only production, but also delivery and assembly. Production storage containers, wholesale storage technology.



Founding KOVO Bělá nad Radbuzou, výrobní družstvo

We were founded in 1966 and in this time we were called KOVO, vyrobni druzstvo and were located in Bela nad Radbuzou. The reason of the establishment was to stabilize the unemployment rate in the border region at that time. Production program included from the begining small building and agricultural machinery.


Production assembly and service of poultry equipment

At the time of normalization, we launched one of our current core activities, which is the production assembly and service of poultry equipment.


We opened a second factory i Domazlice

Thanks to production expansion, we opened a second factory in Domazlice.


New comapny name - KOVOBEL, výrobní družstvo

We changed the company name from the original "KOVO, vyrobní družstvo" to "KOVOBEL, výrobní družstvo".


Demountable Storage Containers

The whole Czech Republic celebrated the success of our hockey team in Nagano and we also started production of our second flagship products – Demountable Storage Containers in this year.


New company name - KOVOBEL, výrobní družstvo Domažlice

A successful reconstruction of the enterprise in Domazlice was complete where all administration, production and equipment from Bela nad Radbuzou move. Our original place of business was shut down after 37 years.


Celebrations of 50 Years

We are celebrating the anniversary of 50 years since the establishment KOVOBEL. We are preparing a number of attractions, that you can always find at this website.


Why work with us?

50 years of experience

We've been on the market for half a century. During that time we have gained valuable experience, for example we have learned that it is better to stand on two legs. That is why we have introduced two diversified products: folding storage containers and technological equipment for poultry farming. We are a Czech company and we are proud of our origins. We stand behind our products because we produce them from construction to finishing.

Stabilized production program

We know our products in the smallest detail and constantly improve them. They help us to maintain a strong position in the market and cover outages in orders. So we have a stable production. We devote our products to long-term and proper care so that we can rely on them. And we're getting better.

We are direct manufacturers

We produce directly - from design to final product modifications. There is no intermediate link in our manufacturing process. We know our suppliers. We only buy materials from top companies that have a good reputation. We believe that only then will our products be quality and our customers will come back to us.

Sales success abroad

Over 50% of our products go abroad. We export worldwide. We have customers in South Africa, Mexico, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, the USA, Chile and, of course, many European countries. Now we are trading with customers in 51 states and we are not opposed to expansion to other markets.

Cooperation with foreign partners

We are in close contact with partners abroad. Their demand is proof that we produce quality products. Our products are purchased by foreign companies for their own use. Beyond the borders we have the exclusive importer of our products. In this way we trade containers and technologies for poultry breeding. Cooperation is established worldwide. Direct contact with the customer is important to us. That is why our colleagues surpass thousands of kilometers a year by plane.


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